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We are a leading supplier of equipment and services that enable us to provide integrated protein processing lines for a variety of convenient food products.

Protein processing

Our broad systems offerings include continuous water-jet portioners, coating and seasoning applicators, frying systems and oven and cooking systems. Our fully integrated processing lines often span from the raw products initial point of entry onto the processing line through final packaging. Although our solutions are primarily used in the processing of poultry (including nuggets, strips and wings), we also provide systems that portion, coat or cook other food products ranging from breads and pizzas to meat patties, seafood and ready-to-eat meals. All of these applications we collectively refer to as “protein processing.” We believe that our installed base of cooking systems processes more meat, seafood and poultry products in North America than that of any other food processing equipment supplier. Below is an overview of our protein processing technology offerings.

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