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JayBoT™ Automated Guided Vehicles

JayBoT AGVs are a simple, low cost solution for mid-sized applications, providing automated movement of pallets as a direct replacement for manual fork lift trucks.


Perfect for companies new to automation and looking for a simple, entry level solution for unmanned movement of pallets from point A to point B. In addition to reducing labor costs, JayBoT AGVs improve safety and efficiency while eliminating product and facility damage related to material handling.

JBT has incorporated advanced technology into its JayBoT AGVs so that smaller systems (1-4 vehicles) operate without the cost and complexity of a centralized AGV System manager. The following components can be applied with JayBoT AGVs to create a system that fully supports facility operations:

  1. JayBoT I/O – provides communication between the JayBoT AGV and external devices (machine hardware and software).
  2. JayBot AGV – lighted push button input for operators to manually initiate move orders through JayBoT I/O.
  3. Opportunity Charging System – allows JayBoT AGVs to automatically recharge batteries when not delivering materials.

Highly flexible and scalable, JayBoT AGVs can be incorporated into a larger, highly integrated AGV system as your needs grow.

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