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System Interfaces

JBT Corporation has extensive experience interfacing with various types of Production, Plant Control, and Warehouse Management systems. These interfaces have been developed for multiple industries such as: warehousing, automotive, commercial printing, and pharmaceutical.

SGV Manager includes various software modules which manage order assignment, direct traffic management, and control inventory within a factory/warehouse environment utilizing automated guided vehicles. SGV Manager can also interface with nearly any existing higher level Warehouse Management System and has established interfaces to SAP, Red Prairie, MARC, and Swisslog. These standard interfaces, developed by JBT Corporation, allow control of the fleet of vehicles from the supervising Warehouse Management System. If necessary, JBT can write a custom interface layer to an existing customer’s system.

For instance, JBT has worked with ManRoland, Honeywell, Wifag/ABB, Harlan Simon, Ediwise, and Goss interfaces. These are specific to the printing industry. JBT has also interfaced to more generic WMS systems such as Red Prairie, CSA, Swisslog, and MARC. These interfaces pass information such as press controls, production run and planning data, roll consumption, and warehouse inventory data for reconciliation.

JBT is able to interface with this wide variety of software systems due to our flexible architecture. We have a standard interface to a customizable application middle ware layer. We have used TCP/IP, database, IBM MQSeries, FTP, OPC/discrete I/O and flat files mechanisms for the data transfer.

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