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Layout Wizard Software

Layout Wizard is a user-friendly, graphical software tool used to define and edit the virtual guide paths on which the AGVs can operate.

AGV Layout Wizard Software

This set of paths is sometimes referred to as the road system. Layout Wizard also helps users configure the AGV System by optimizing the location of laser targets, assisting with vehicle blocking routines and verifying clearances between vehicles and other fixed structures in the facility.

To use Layout Wizard, the facility drawing is first imported. Then, using the intuitive toolbar, the road system is built. Layout Wizard provides for wireless download to the vehicles so that they are immediately ready to travel on the newly defined virtual paths. Layout Wizard is also used after initial system design allowing the vehicle paths or pick up and drop points to be changed quickly and easily. Layout Wizard is a key tool enhancing AGV system flexibility allowing the system to quickly respond to changes in the facility, production levels, and storage areas.

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