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SGV Manager Software

SGV Manager is a Windows based software tool which controls and monitors the JBT Corporation automated guided vehicle (AGV) system.

AGV System Software

Proven software algorithms efficiently translate material movement requests into optimal vehicle movements with minimum traffic. SGV Manager features include:

  • Automatic real-time vehicle control
  • Automatic real-time system monitoring
  • Object oriented design
  • Network based external interfaces
  • Communication with standard I/O networks
  • Client/Server configuration
  • Windows server
  • Connectivity to an in-house computer network
  • Interface to inventory control systems
  • Complete diagnostic alarm capabilities
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • User configurable reports
  • Extensive diagnostic tools

The chart below shows a typical AGV system architecture and how the SGV Manager software fits into the system.  The SGV Manager software operates on the SGV  System Server, and the SGV System Client(s).  Click the links in the menu on the left to learn more about the SGV System Server and SGV System Client.

Typical AGV System Architecture

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