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Sweden: Helsingborg - Food Technology Center

Production of frozen, chilled and proofed foodstuffs is growing at an incredible rate. In the next ten years, global output is expected to nearly double. This puts a major responsibility on producers, and also on their equipment suppliers, to meet growing demand smoothly and effectively. To reap the benefits of this growth, producers must have the flexibility to process the right food product, at the right time, and at a cost that makes the price as attractive as the taste.

LVS FRIGoPAK® low-volume refrigeration, a small, powerful turnkey refrigeration system that lets you freeze at down to -50°C (- 60°F) with 70% less refrigerant, In-process defrosting that enables you to prolong operation by 200-600%. Ask about Air Defrost and Sequential Defrost, LINK A proven PC-based control system, combining easy to-use operator interface with data logging, recipe handling, diagnostics and on-line manuals. The system supports multiple languages, letting users export data over a local area network to a range of PC programs.

Our Food Technology Centers offer everything you need to test, simulate production, conduct research, train your technicians, or preview the latest processing equipment. Our experts have access to a wealth of application-specific data, as well as production equipment and laboratory resources.

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