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México: Puebla - Research & Technology Center for Liquid Food Processing

The Citrus Systems Research & Technology Center System (RTC) in México - Puebla, includes a pilot plant equipped with two JBT extractors, one screw finisher, one paddle finisher, and one analysis laboratory for fruit, juice and pulp products. The pilot plant is prepared to simulate many of the processes found in the modern commercial citrus processing facility.

The primary objectives are to optimize the yield, quality and throughput of the citrus processing equipment and systems that JBT Corporation supplies. With our well established R&D management process in place, Citrus Systems consistently maximizes the available expertise and resources.

The Pilot plants is equipped with sophisticated laboratory instruments prepared to perform quality investigations and physical chemistry analysis as established by U.S., European and Asian regulatory authorities and the market’s demanding requirements.

The quality of our investigations is guaranteed by using sound scientific practices and procedures that consistently use methodologies and statistics to properly plan the experiments and to analyze the results.

Another value provided by the Research and Technology Center is as a training facility and specific testing for customers with new raw materials and process optimization. Here customer personnel can learn about scientific processes and procedures, laboratory equipment, equipment operations, and much more.

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