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Italy: Parma - Process Technology Laboratory & Services for Tuna

Process Technology Laboratory & Services for Tuna

Pilot Plant and Laboratory of analysis for consulting research and service

For the Tuna Processing System JBT FoodTech provides a full range of services with the process lab of Parma (Italy) as well as the laboratories of Madera (California) and Sint Niklaas (Belgium).

JBT FoodTech experts can assist customers in innovative researches, optimizing traditional Tuna technologies process, final product and laboratory analysis.

Pilot Plant activity:
• Identification of the optimal process parameter referred to:
  - Thawing phase analysis
  - Cooking process
  - Cooking simulation using TunaCAL™ sw
• By-products recovery and reintegration
• Quality assurance
• Risk analisys (HACCP)
• Hands-on maintenance training
• Start-up and troubleshooting
• CIP procedures
• In-depth training programs

Laboratory activity:
• Real-time analysis of quality properties and equipment performance data collection
• Raw material analysis as a support to process development
• Determination of optimal analytical methods as a QA support in accordance to international standards

Please contact laboratory.parma@jbtc.com to get more information about our testing capabilities

The new Lab enables product trials with the appropriate equipment using customer supplied raw material and our specialists to provide advanced technical assistance for customers in development, analysis and training on equipments start up and maintenance. We can provide consulting services for a HACCP plan applied on a JBT processing line or individual equipment, but also plans and procedures to improve quality assurance in actual production. Our experts can assist you with feasibility studies on new products and processes to be included in your processing line.

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