Food Labeling Compliance Seminar

Course date: 10-12 June 2015

This seminar covers the basics of how foods need to be labeled to comply with the complex set of labeling rules, covers the latest in food labeling issues that have gotten attention from FDA, and provides answers to your most challenging questions.

Whom is the course addressed to?

• Individuals involved in management, regulatory affairs, and quality control/assurance in the manufacturing of foods.
• Those responsible for preparing or reviewing food labels.
• Consultants, auditors, attorneys and others interested in food labeling compliance.

Course targets

• Learn FDA food labeling requirements from a labeling expert.
• Learn of hot issues that have triggered recent FDA warning letters.
• Apply learning in practical work sessions.
• Have your specific issues addressed and discussed in a casual, interactive learning environment.

Course contents

The course will be held by JBT technicians and it will be simultaneously translated in italian.
Food Labeling Basics
Scope and Overview of Seminar
Labeling Authority - Food & Drug Administration (FDA), U.S.
Dept of Agriculture (USDA) jurisdiction
Minimum Mandatory Requirements
• Product Identity
• Ingredient List, Allergen Disclosure
• Net Weight
• Company Name & Place; Origin
• Nutrition Facts
• Storage, Handling & Warning Statements
Q&A; Interactive Label Review and Discussion

Food Labeling Requirements for Optional Claims
Nutrient Content
Health/Disease Prevention
• Natural, Organic
• GMO, Hormone or Antibiotic Free
• Composition - Whole Grains or Fruit/Vegetable Amount per Serving
3rd Party Seals/Symbols & Nutrient Rating/Ranking Programs
Q&A; Interactive Label Review and Discussion

Risks & Consequences for Misrepresentation and Non-Compliance
FDA Enforcement - Import Alerts & Detention; Warning letters
State Attorney Generals & Health Departments
Legal Action - Complaints, Lawsuits
Q&A; Interactive Participants’ Labels for Review and Discussion.


Each participant will receive a training certificate at the end of the Seminar.

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