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Italy: Parma - Research & Technology Center for Liquid Food Processing

Tomato and Fruit Processing System

JBT is proud to offer its 250 square meter pilot plant and laboratory facility, fully equipped with multiple fruit and vegetable aseptic processing technologies as well as tuna cooking machines, to help customers improve their processing capabilities. Thanks to this new laboratory, JBT is able to perform trials using various processing technologies to assist customers in the development and analyses of fruit and vegetable processing systems.
Using customer supplied raw material, our experts can assist customers with feasibility studies on new products and processes to be included in their processing lines. JBT also provides consulting services for HACCP plans applied to JBT processing lines or individual equipment, as well as plans and procedures to improve quality assurance in actual production.

Products include:

• Purees
• Crushed fruit and vegetables
• Diced fruit and vegetables
• Clarified juices
• Concentrates

In-depth training programs can be scheduled on: 

• Introduction to extraction lines
• Aseptic processing principles and operations
• Start-up and troubleshooting
• Thermal treatment principles
• Working principles
• Critical Control points
• CIP procedures
• Hands-on maintenance and start-up training 

Laboratory analyses include: 

• Real-time analysis of quality properties and equipment performance data collection
• Raw material analysis to support process development
• Determination of optimal analytical methods for QA support in accordance to international Standards

Fruit and Vegetable processing

Aseptic process validation

JBT provides in-lab thermal treatment evaluations with respect to the quality properties of the product. We are also able to providein-field validation services to verify proper functionality of the whole plant with trial or actual product.

Aseptic treatment of product with particulates

Our system set-up allows aseptic processing of liquids containing a high percentage of particles with a special emphasis on the thermal treatment, uniformity in the particle cold spot, mechanical and thermal damage control throughout the line, consistency of the mixing ratio, and evaluation of alternative processing technologies.

Pasteurization and aseptic filling

• Vacuum deaeration
• Aseptic sterilizer capable of handling both high-viscous and product with particulates
• Pumping systems designed for particulates
• Aseptic Filler with 1” or 2” spout
• Set-up for alternative sterilization methods

Modeling software

• Our food scientists utilize AseptiCAL™ technology to verify the sizing calculations of aseptic processing systems and reduce the time spent by food processors in new product development.
• Trial tests and mathematical modeling for the pasteurization of food products contained in glass, metal or plastic containers using tunnel pasteurization.

Please contact laboratory.parma@jbtc.com to get more information about our testing capabilities

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