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Belgium: St Niklaas - FoodTech process laboratory

In 1921 JBT Corporation installed the first continuous pressure steriliser in the world, the rotary steriliser. The rotary pressure steriliser represented a breakthrough in canning technology and is still one of the key milestones in the industrialisation of the canning process.

Today, almost 90 years later, JBT FoodTech is still the world’s leading supplier of in-container sterilisation systems. With more than 2700 sterilisation systems installed worldwide, more than 50% of the world’s canned foods are sterilised on JBT FoodTech equipment.

This vast expertise allows JBT FoodTech to offers the industry’s widest range of in-container sterilisation systems, ranging from small lab units for research application to high capacity, double chain hydrostatic sterilisers for the petfood industry. More in particular our range of sterilisation systems includes

  • Pilot retorts
  • Static batch retorts
  • SuperAgi rotating batch retorts
  • Fully automated batch retort systems
  • Continuous hydrostatic sterilisers
  • Continuous rotary pressure and atmospheric sterilisers
  • A range of equipment that is now integrated with the LOG-TEC TM intelligent process management system

The JBT Tech process lab in Sint-Niklaas comprises a broad range of pilot as well as industrial size in-container sterilisation equipment capable to reliably simulate any of the above mentioned technologies. The lab is equipped with the most modern measurement technology for thermal process data collection - both for continuous and batch systems - and data analysis. Pilot equipment for food product preparation, filling and seaming on semi-industrial scale is also available.

JBT FoodTech in Sint-Niklaas employs three experienced food technologists, supported by a lab technician. The combined thermal process experience of our lab team amounts to more than 70 years.

The JBT FoodTech food lab in St Niklaas offers the following services

  • Dvelopment of formulations and thermal processes for novel foods
  • Development of thermal processes and industrial holding devices for new packages
  • Basic thermal process training schools
  • Retort operator and quality assurance training
  • NumeriCAL thermal process simulation software and training
  • Mobile filling and sterilisation pilot units for on-site tests
  • Retort temperature mapping, heat penetration measuremenst and retort validation
  • Process deviation handling
  • FDA thermal process filing

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