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In-Container Processing Solutions

We are a leading global supplier of fully integrated industrial sterilization systems that manufacture shelf stable foods in a wide variety of flexible and rigid packages.


These integrated solutions include fillers, closers, sterilizers, material handling systems and controls that process foods including fruits and vegetables, soups and sauces, dairy products, a broad range of ready-to-eat meals and pet foods. We offer the largest selection of sterilization products in the industry, including continuous rotary and hydrostatic sterilizers primarily used for processing metal cans and automated batch retorts which can process a variety of flexible and rigid packages such as plastic pouches, cartons, glass and cans. We also provide specialized material handling systems to automate the handling and tracking of processed and unprocessed containers. In addition, we offer leading modeling software as well as thermal processing controls that help our customers optimize and track their cooking processes and introduce on-line corrections in the case of any process deviations. Below is an overview of our shelf stable solutions technology offerings.

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