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Ground Support Equipment

We are a leading supplier of air cargo loaders to commercial air passenger and freight carriers and ground handlers. Our Commander loaders service wide-body jet aircraft and are available in a wide range of configurations. We believe that we provide the loader of choice to the air transportation industry.

Ground Support Equipment

We manufacture and supply the RampSnake® narrow-body aircraft baggage loader. The RampSnake’s design requires only a single baggage handler in the cargo hold and one operator at the baggage cart, minimizing lifting and reducing costs.

We manufacture and supply the Tempest aircraft deicers with a broad range of options that can be configured to meet customers’ need to eliminate aircraft icing while on the tarmac. We offer a full array of conventional and towbarless aircraft tow tractors for moving aircraft without consumption of jet fuel. We also offer a line of self-propelled passenger steps. Below is an overview of our ground support equipment technology offerings.

Solutions for Ground Support Equipment.

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