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We are the leading supplier of industrial citrus processing equipment.

Fruit processing

Our citrus processing solutions typically include citrus extractors, finishers, pulp systems, evaporators and by-product recovery systems as well as aseptic systems (including sterilizers, fillers, flow lines and controls) integrated with bulk aseptic storage systems for not-from-concentrate orange juice. In addition to our high capacity industrial extractors, we also offer point of use Fresh’n Squeeze® produce juicers. These patented juicers are used around the world in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores and juice bars.

We are among the leading suppliers of tomato and fruit processing equipment and aseptic sterilization and bulk filling systems. Our tomato and fruit processing lines are comprised of extraction, finishing, heating and mixing equipment, enzyme inactivators, evaporators, flash coolers, sterilizers and aseptic fillers that are mainly sold as an integrated processing line. We can also provide equipment for a specific need within a line. Our tomato processing lines are installed with leading processors throughout the world’s key tomato growing regions and produce a range of finished tomato products including tomato concentrates, peeled tomato products, diced tomatoes, salsa, pizza sauce, ketchup, pureed and crushed tomatoes. Our aseptic processing lines are used in the bulk processing of a wide range of deciduous and tropical fruits into juices, particulates, purees and concentrates. These fruit products are used as ingredients for dairy products (yogurts, smoothies, flavored milk, ice cream), bakery and fruit-based beverages.

We also provide technology solutions and products to extend the life, improve the appearance and preserve the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables. Once treated, fresh fruits or vegetables are individually labeled by our fast and efficient produce labeling systems. 

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