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Freezing and Chilling

We developed the first commercial food processing freezers in the 1960s, and we remain the world’s leading supplier of freezing and chilling solutions to the food processing industry.

Freezing and Chilling

We design, assemble, test and install industry-leading technologies that include individual quick freezing (IQF), self-stacking spiral, linear/impingement and contact freezers and chillers. Our freezers are designed to meet the most stringent demands for quality, economy, hygiene and user-friendliness. We offer a full range of capacities and accessories to optimize our customers’ variable production needs. Our industrial freezers can be found in plants that are processing food products ranging from meat, seafood and poultry to bakery products and ready-to-eat meals, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Below is an overview of our freezing and chilling technology offerings. 

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