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JBT FoodTech

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JBT FoodTech is consistently ranked one of the top 10 suppliers of best-in-class food processing solutions in the world. Together with our highly trained professionals, we have the know-how to respond to the ever-changing conditions that affect the world’s largest food processors, suppliers and fast-food chains, as well as institutional and commercial restaurants.

From solution development to installation and service, members of our team have the unique opportunity to work with our products from beginning to end. With a local presence in over 75 countries, we are always looking for innovative professionals in all fields, ranging from business administration to engineering to operations.

Fast Facts About Our Equipment:

  • Handles 75% of the citrus juice produced globally
  • Freezes about 50% of the world’s frozen foods
  • Sterilizes more than 50% of the world’s shelf-stable canned foods
  • Labels up to 750 pieces of fruit per minute

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